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Another year, another Nutcracker

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

This afternoon I am off to perform in another production of The Nutcracker. Once again playing the role of Mr. Stahlbaum – Clara’s father and host of the grand party of the first act. This is a purely character role, and not a dancing one per se, but it is still rewarding. The role does not rise to the level of my former signature part – The King Mouse – but I do enjoy being able to bring the art alive. I am as well prepared and rehearsed as I can be, but the directors have changed large portions of the party scene since last year. I am expecting another great show, and I will head off for the theatre soon! 


Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Well, learning to apply advertisements, by trial and error, has been interesting. The ads that I have created do not really look like what I expected based on the previews that were generated. It is still proving to be a good learning experience but I am pretty sure that I am getting closer to needing to buy the book “HTML for Dummies”, if such a thing exists (which I am pretty sure it does). If I ever get this figured out, ad-wise, then I will start working on more specific content. Maybe I will be able to write something about Magic: the Gathering artwork.