Tuning up the Voice

There have been no posts here for quite some time – that is going to change. I have been enjoying the good life, fat and happy. Actually less so the former and more so the latter. Fatness is not a problem as I have been running and swimming plenty. Happiness – not a problem either; life is to short to be anything other than that, right?

Forgot to mention complacent. I’ve been somewhat complacent it seems, particularly in the realm of politics. Two Novembers ago I conceded that as a result of the election there would be a new era of government spending and a rise of the liberal agenda. The pendulum swings, so there was not much to do other than ride out the storm, wait for the next swing, and hope that not too much damage would be done.

That was a mistake.

Recent events have clearly indicated that much damage is being done. Much more damage is being planned. The perfect storm of an arrogant president, a renegade liberal congress and a complacent citizenry has taken shape. The first damaging wave of that storm has dumped the horrific healthcare reform bill, Obamacare, on a resistant public. At the time of its passage the majority of Americans opposed the reform in the shape that is had taken. Not that the majority were against reform; the majority opposed the socialist approach that it clearly manifests.

Therein lies the problem. The socialist approach. The loss of liberty. A spend-crazy administration can tax me into poverty; that is a given during a liberal’s reign. Oh, I may murmur and complain, but nothing will come of that. However when that same administration mounts an assault on my liberty I’ll do more than complain – I’ll use my voice.

This citizen will not be dragged towards socialism without a fight. How will I fight, and what are my weapons? My vote and my voice, but primarily my voice. That’s what I have, my voice. That’s what I’ll use.


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