The Rolling Stones are now part of my Fourth of July Tradition!

How will celebrate the 4th of July! CELEBRATES the 4th of July!

Last year, for the first time I chose a musical theme as the backdrop for my Fourth of July celebration. Not that I was anti-music or non-music before that, but rather, this time I wanted a musical theme. Something upbeat in the background; something to provide a rhythm for the day.

I wanted the music to be consistent throughout the entire day – just one artist. Checked the iPod then to start the selection process. Turns out my digital music collection is much broader that it is deep. Not too many bands would support a day of playing without premature looping . Immediately the field narrowed. Only three bands where up to the challenge for number of songs; Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and Steely Dan.

Friends know I’m die-hard fan I am of Led Zeppelin so one might have concluded the contest was over before it began. Not so fast though. Steely Dan had a chance I suppose, but as much as I like their music it tends too much to smooth, or jazzy to fulfill the “upbeat” requirement.

[Alert! Drop-in Editorial: in the midst of writing this I realize I’ve taken extensive writer-ly liberty to streamline this post – I totally dropped many other bands from consideration that could have sufficed from the musical repository of my iPod – Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, David Bowie, the Killers and the Black Keys, Jimi… there’s a couple more I’m forgetting]

Editorializing aside, I still had a choice to make – Stones or Zep? I caught myself thinking out loud – “Led Zeppelin is still my favorite band, but really, who has the better catalog, top to bottom? Led Zeppelin, or the Stones?” and despite internal comments like – “LZ had greater overall greater impact during its shorter active lifespan.” – I had to ask and answer the ultimate question – (sorry about the repeat into; I must have been compensating for feeling unfaithful to Zep) – “LZ is still my favorite, but gotta hand it to Stones for consistent quality, sheer volume of great songs, epic rock personalities, and longevity!”

So that’s how I decided to loop the Stones for my Fourth of July soundtrack – next time I’ll tackle the backlash I suffered as a result of blurting out this choice on Facebook – and quoting a FB friend – “…you chose a Brit band for your July 4th soundtrack… what’s wrong with you? That is sacrilege!”

Uh, no, not really, that’s just freedom of choice. Regardless, Happy Fourth of July , no matter who you choose for your musical backdrop.

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