Writing & Bodysurfing? – part 1 of 2

To what can writing be compared? Of course there are many styles of writing. Therefor many comparisons are possible.

Much of my professional writing has been in a technical vein. Customer driven requirements, malformed upon their inception, and needing analysis to correct their crippled state. Requirements that specified functions only half thought through, but uttered as they were from the customer, sacrosanct. Mutable only by application of cleverness, force-of-will, dedication and often just some good luck.

Requirements for large scale systems development – things our soldiers need to protect our freedom, but procured by bureaucrats and their lesser minions and agents. Those charged with spending other peoples’ money and therefor less concerned about outcomes, and more about costs and schedules. Pretty much dry as dirt, but supposedly purposeful, deliberate, and boring in the limit.

Why waste time making comparisons to boring things?

I choose not to do that.

As for the type of writing I am doing now, that’s a different thing altogether. I write by choice, about things that interest me. I can choose my own subjects, and I am my own boss. I am the writer, but I am also my own first audience.

With that latitude and freedom though, there comes a price. With the freedom comes the burden of idea generation. The difference here is that I want to write, I am writing by choice. Comparisons then, are come by easier.

Something natural and energetic comes to mind; something that requires effort but offers rewards. An activity enhanced by what it offers in terms of immersion. I am thinking about body surfing. I am thinking about comparing writing to body surfing. Yeah, that is right, body surfing.

Standing, or swimming in the ocean, just far enough out to where the waves break and start to turn over on themselves. Patiently, because often the water is flat and the time between substantial waves can be lengthy. This can be a tedious time, waiting for a wave, or an idea to appear. Every now and then a slight rise forms at the edge of awareness, and gradually it approaches.

Is this the one, will this take the proper shape and does it have the right energy?

Each such new arrival has to be tested. (…continued on next post)

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