Writing & Bodysurfing? – part 2 of 2

(what follows is a continuation from this post)

As within the water once the rise has approached it has to be contended with – furious paddling or furious swimming, hoping to match its speed, hoping to catch it at its peak – this part is necessary to see if the wave takes off… to see if it allows you along for the ride – without the right energy, or if left to pass untested – it either fizzles, or continues on without the waverider.

The wave and the rider must be ready at the same time, and even then, nothing is for sure. Without proper follow through a good idea can collapse, its energy can fade without warning. The rider must endeavor to earn the rest of whatever ride there might be, through diligence.

But this is a diligence not without reward, for this is the essence of creation.

Seeing the opportunity and seizing it; struggling with the possibility, to see what can become of this partnership. This is a state of flow… writing, riding, where the tension un-surety about a successful outcome, be it an essay or a great ride, is perfectly balanced with the satisfaction on feeling that the struggle is worthwhile.

But with practice, and a little luck the result can be amazing. Catching it at the height of its potential, the idea can take off.

Think of it though. Even without a rider that very same wave would have the same trajectory, moving through space and time, unfettered. It might have passed without notice, like so many infinite waves through time immemorial.

Yet on this occasion there has been a collaborator; one to share in, and to mold, and to experience. That is what made this one different. That is what made this one memorable.

Ideas without elaboration are like waves without riders; know ones knows them for either what they were or what they could have become.

So if it contains the right energy, and if it is capably handled, out of nothingness, a wave, an idea, a rider, and a writer can share a perfect moment of creation.

This is a ride that can be exhilarating, and time after time, it proves itself to be worth the effort.


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