Blog Challenge Recap


Thanks Starbucks for the coffee and the WiFi! You made it possible!

One blog challenge, 27 posts, 7 exclamation points, and 11 question marks. With contest rules that include daily posting for the duration, 351 words per day, and a properly labelled image, clearly I am a masochist who is slightly more inquisitive than excitable.

I’m glad I did it; I am also glad it is over.

Here’s a recap of the posts, each with a little commentary – a director’s cut, so to speak:

1. Go at Throttle Up! One of my favorites, a personal history as well seasoned with a bit of introspection about what it means to accept the label that your professional choice dictates.

2. Is there an OODA Loop in your Future? An exploration of a combat proven decision-making method, examined with by use of a data flow diagram.

3. That’s my OODA Loop, and Yes, I am happy to see you! An extension of the previous post and how it can relate to personal matters, or least how I have found it applicable.

4. New Access to Knowledge Delivery for Everyone! Singing the praises of, a MOOC that offers world class coursework, for free, to all!

5. What Happened to that Feeling? Another one of my personal favorites; reflections from childhood, on the feelings of a summer day.

6. Obamacare, Explained as if to a 5 year old. A response to a post, back when it mattered, because since then SCOTUS, has passed judgment, and has declared that the law is upheld – I am amazed at how easily people willingly surrender their freedom. I am even more amazed though at the faulty thinking employed by the chief justice who preferred to protect the perceived legacy of the court and in effect legislative from the bench. This was his choice rather than to decide constitutionality on face value of the arguments made in hearing.  Note: by a large margin, this was my most read post of over the course of the challenge. Two reasons might explain. I successfully got a link onto a reddit political commentary page using a “self” label (played by the rules). Also, recently a lot of people have been search for “Obamacare explained…” So somehow I am geeting part of that energy, although, no one really (save one)  has engaged me in comments, or “followed” as a result.

7. Functional Programming Defined by Consensus. My attempt to improve my understanding of the definition of functional programming.

8. A Brief Introduction to Systems Engineering. The title says it all!

9. Will Robots Rule the Road? Commentary on the prospects of robotic technology and artificial intelligence maturing sufficiently to the point where robotic cars will become commonplace, or not. References to the AI class I am taking at are included.

10. Top Down Robot Car! – A look at modern robotic car systems engineering as seen with the assistance of simple data flow diagrammatic modeling

11. Look Ma – No more Bending! A review of a dumb foot cleaning product.

12. Math as Model. A plea to teachers to make math more accessible by explaining that math is a model for understanding the things around us.

13. If Writing is good for me, why is it depressing me? Thoughts on the writing process, as brought about by the stresses of ambitiously committing to substantial posts on a daily basis.

14. Beyond Debate in Post-Constitutional America? To almost everyone I talk to, equality is more important than freedom; who knew? – go figure.

15. The Rolling Stones are now part of my Forth of July Tradition! In which I explain the scandalous choice to make a Brit-band to musical continuity that accompanies my independence day celebrations.

16. Swimming Freestyle – Propeller or Paddle? Choices, so many choices…

17. Best Robotic Legs Ever? Comments on developments in AI and robotics.

18. Micro Data Centers – Independence Day for AOL? The cloud is getting smaller, more deployable, and self-sufficient. Note: by linking to his blog post, I got a link back from a big player  (Michael Manos) at tech giant AOL. Cool!

19. Am I a Do-it-Yourselfer? I don’t even care about this one, I don’t expect you to either.

20. Continuum. This word kept coming up in my essays that I deceided to take a post to explain it.

21. Building 6. Reflections on my first day of work as a young aerospace engineer.

22. Gravedigger Revisited! I am an artist, as well as one who can write, so why not write about art?

23. Rise, Walk, Swim, Rinse, and Repeat. The morning routine I follow to swim on my master’s team.

24. Hanging On. Starts out as a gecko-eye-view of hanging on a screen, (since I had taken a pretty picture to write about); ends up as a rant on the subject of the president claiming that the only mistake of his first term in office was that he wasn’t a better story-teller. What a joke. Totally clueless.

25. Writing & Bodysurfing? – part 1 and part 2. A comparison between the two.

26. Blog Challenge Recap. Todays’ post – the last one of the blog challenge.

The challenge has been completed. I will continue with new posts after incorporating some lessons learned. But as for today, that’s all folks!

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  1. Hi Michael,
    Let me know when you get your Pinterest set up so that I can share your amazing drawings!!

  2. B192 says:

    Thanks Sue… I will get a Pinterest account and then I will let you know. I appreciate your offer! …Michael