Santa Clarita Valley Startup Weekend!

Team Transmuters is ready to go for SCV Startup Weekend starting on Friday, October 5t,h at 6pm.  That time marks the beginning of a 54 hour sprint where the reward, in addition to the experience of building a new business from scratch, could even result in the green-lighting and funding of a new business for the top performing team or teams. As a national franchise with a great reputation and record of success, Startup Weekend helps jumpstart entrepreneurial activity and assist fledgeling teams to embark on new startup company ventures.

Team Transmuters is composed of  George Vamos, Senior Technical Advisor and backend developer, Michael LaRue, Project Engineer and frontend development, Bruce Whitney, Business Operations and Marketing, Brian, backend development, business logic, and infrastructure, and Dennis Cheung, UI/UX.

The team is prepared to make two pitches to mitigate risk associated with the Friday night downselect to 8 projects for the weekend development effort. A second downselect to three projects will occur midday Sunday. Those projects will then prepare and deliver product demos as well as a business plan presentation to the judging panel and the venture capitalists in attendance. Depending on the viability of any project, and the success of its development efforts, it is quite possible that one or more teams may conclude the weekend with an up-and-running businesses, if not engagement with funding from participating venture capitalists.

At the event, assuming one of its projects passes the downselect, and in order to supplement its core capabilities, Team Transmuters will likely be recruiting talent to contribute in the roles of [1]  Design, [2] additional Development (linux/java/python/groovy/grails, or some experience in another application framework such as Ruby-on-Rails) and possibly, [3],business activity support

Team Transmsuters is excited to participate in this event and to being a part of the SCV Startup community; a new community that is up to big things in the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley!

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