Zejoop.com WINS the Premier SCV Startup Weekend Event!

Zejoop for the Win!

We laughed, we cried, we coded, WE WON!

After a grueling 54 hour weekend of pitching, teaming, brainstorming, coding, laughing, crying, screaming, regaining composure, and then again pitching, the Zejoop Project won First Prize in the premier SCV Startup Weekend held on the weekend starting October 5th, 2012!

Curious to know what it is? Follow this Link:   Zejoop Defined!

Congratulations to the team, who are drawn from the local tech pool known as Team Transmuters, and are shown in the picture, from left to right: (ignore the large guy on the left – that’s me, project originator and team lead) Joshua Maddux, Bruce Whitney, Dennis Cheung, and George Vamos. Not shown are Jeremiah Bergman and Brian Ragazzi.

Visit us at Zejoop.com! Click on “Plan an Event” to use demo version.

More to follow…

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