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Magical Trails

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013
...I look like a giant with a little head!

I share this land with rabbit, coyote, and redtail hawks!

One of the small comforts of my day is the late afternoon walk I take in a substantial plot of undeveloped canyon country; coastal range terrain that is next to my community and bordered by Golden Valley. The terrain has a rolling aspect to it and the scrubby brush is criss-crossed by numerous animal trails created over the centuries by rabbit and coyote. These trails are at times direct, and at others, loopy and circuitous. In the late afternoon fading sun, just before sunset these trails are somewhat magical, begging for their full meanderings to be explored. Sometimes I get lost for a moment. Such moments are magical as they surface odd youthful feelings of awe – glimpses of discovery afforded by a time when the world seemed both smaller and larger, at the same time, than its true size.

At the end the trail, each day, as the last light fades away, I crest a high prominence and descend. I walk down the path slowly, and I see the world, exactly as it is, in truth.