Zejoop is in Beta test!

Happy to announce that Zejoop is in Beta test! To capture this exciting milestone for posterity, here is a picture taken, on Monday September 16th 2013,  at the first event that that was fully planned, coordinated and executed using Zejoop:

Erick and Michael meeting during Zejoop's first full round trip event!

Erick and Michael meet to discuss how great it is to participate in Zejoop’s first official event!

Visit Zejoop to witness history in the making; be part of the Beta test phase (if you don’t mind a few rough edges and a little “construction dust”). There’s a “Zejoop Feedback and Support” button that makes it easy to report bugs and suggest new features. That would be the ideal way to help nudge Zejoop in the right direction.  Thanks for your interest! Leave a comment below if you’d like.

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