My name is Michael Jay LaRue and I have started whitewingcrow.com as a creative enterprise with the purpose of speaking to my various interests – interests which range from art, dance, writing, music and engineering.

I consider myself to be a right-brained engineer which hopefully explains, at least in part, the varied and eclectic interests outlined above. In retrospect it is most likely that I survived my demanding aerospace engineering curriculum at the University of Maryland in spite of my brain rather than because of my brain. By this I mean, if engineering is typically thought of as linear and a left-brained activity then I, by nature more of an abstract, artistic and characteristically right-brained thinker, found myself accidentally misplaced in such a line of study due mostly to my childhood love for all things airplane and space related. Being a child of the Space Age though, growing up during the height of interest in the Apollo Moon Missions, I was not surprised at all to find myself interested in such things.

What I have found surprising as life has gone on is the extent to which my latent artistic abilities have needed outlet in my adult years. I have explored these right-brained endeavors in a variety of ways. I have extensively studied life drawing and have developed a very presentable portfolio. I have also formally studied ballet and have performed on a regular basis for a number of years, transitioning from dancing roles early on to more character oriented roles lately. In the writing vein I have been a featured writer on a prominent website specializing in the writing of critiques for the artwork related to a premiere and very popular collectible card game. As for my musical interests I have played the guitar since high school; although, at the time of this writing I do have to admit to needing to knock a bit of the rust off of my guitar-playing skills.

My postings to this website will be categorized roughly along the above interests.

It is my hope that you will find the content here to be interesting and entertaining, if not informative. If you do, I invite to subscribe via any of the several ways available at the bottom of this page.

You may contact me by leaving a comment on any post. Thank you; I look forward to hearing from you.

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