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Zejoop is in Beta test!

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Happy to announce that Zejoop is in Beta test! To capture this exciting milestone for posterity, here is a picture taken, on Monday September 16th 2013,  at the first event that that was fully planned, coordinated and executed using Zejoop:

Erick and Michael meeting during Zejoop's first full round trip event!

Erick and Michael meet to discuss how great it is to participate in Zejoop’s first official event!

Visit Zejoop to witness history in the making; be part of the Beta test phase (if you don’t mind a few rough edges and a little “construction dust”). There’s a “Zejoop Feedback and Support” button that makes it easy to report bugs and suggest new features. That would be the ideal way to help nudge Zejoop in the right direction.  Thanks for your interest! Leave a comment below if you’d like.

Zejoop Defined!

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

“Zejoop is a social planner…

…that provides event status, real-time updates, and rewards, all for doing the things you enjoy most!”

Tired of trying to coordinate casual get-togethers with friends using e-mail, frustrated with people who don’t check their inbox? Zejoop is for you! Confounded when you only have three friends committed for your golf outing, but you need to make a foursome for the round, forcing you to e-mail, or worse, call, to cancel? Zejoop is  for you! Looking for tools to make it easier to insure you have everything you need for your event? Like the idea of group-based and event-type discounts? Zejoop is for you!

Zejoop does all that, and more!

Plan your event from any desktop, laptop or mobile device – accept, decline or propose changes, all with Zejoop!

Visit us at to explore our prototype demo capabilities.

Zejoop is a Santa Clarita Valley based tech startup that was developed over, and emerged as the Winner of,  SCV Startup Weekend held October 5 – 7, 2012. Zejoop is in pre-funding development and plans to enter the location based services market. For more information, please leave a comment below, or send e-mail to michael at zejoop dot com WINS the Premier SCV Startup Weekend Event!

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012
Zejoop for the Win!

We laughed, we cried, we coded, WE WON!

After a grueling 54 hour weekend of pitching, teaming, brainstorming, coding, laughing, crying, screaming, regaining composure, and then again pitching, the Zejoop Project won First Prize in the premier SCV Startup Weekend held on the weekend starting October 5th, 2012!

Curious to know what it is? Follow this Link:   Zejoop Defined!

Congratulations to the team, who are drawn from the local tech pool known as Team Transmuters, and are shown in the picture, from left to right: (ignore the large guy on the left – that’s me, project originator and team lead) Joshua Maddux, Bruce Whitney, Dennis Cheung, and George Vamos. Not shown are Jeremiah Bergman and Brian Ragazzi.

Visit us at! Click on “Plan an Event” to use demo version.

More to follow…

Santa Clarita Valley Startup Weekend!

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Team Transmuters is ready to go for SCV Startup Weekend starting on Friday, October 5t,h at 6pm.  That time marks the beginning of a 54 hour sprint where the reward, in addition to the experience of building a new business from scratch, could even result in the green-lighting and funding of a new business for the top performing team or teams. As a national franchise with a great reputation and record of success, Startup Weekend helps jumpstart entrepreneurial activity and assist fledgeling teams to embark on new startup company ventures.

Team Transmuters is composed of  George Vamos, Senior Technical Advisor and backend developer, Michael LaRue, Project Engineer and frontend development, Bruce Whitney, Business Operations and Marketing, Brian, backend development, business logic, and infrastructure, and Dennis Cheung, UI/UX.

The team is prepared to make two pitches to mitigate risk associated with the Friday night downselect to 8 projects for the weekend development effort. A second downselect to three projects will occur midday Sunday. Those projects will then prepare and deliver product demos as well as a business plan presentation to the judging panel and the venture capitalists in attendance. Depending on the viability of any project, and the success of its development efforts, it is quite possible that one or more teams may conclude the weekend with an up-and-running businesses, if not engagement with funding from participating venture capitalists.

At the event, assuming one of its projects passes the downselect, and in order to supplement its core capabilities, Team Transmuters will likely be recruiting talent to contribute in the roles of [1]  Design, [2] additional Development (linux/java/python/groovy/grails, or some experience in another application framework such as Ruby-on-Rails) and possibly, [3],business activity support

Team Transmsuters is excited to participate in this event and to being a part of the SCV Startup community; a new community that is up to big things in the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley!

(for additional information, please leave contact info and any comments in the space below)