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A pitiful man calls it quits

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

What a pitiful shell of a man, this soon to “retire” representative from the state of Michigan, Bart Stupak. Standing on principal, supposedly, he opposed Obamacare as long as it left room for federal funding of abortions. There was some modification of the language of the bill that seemingly would have addressed his concerns, but many agree that the changes were not sufficient – most likely taxpayer dollars will be used for abortions. Rather than hold firm to his convictions, he caved to the pressure from the White House and settled for an executive order than was offered in exchange for his vote. This fool settled for a non-binding piece of paper.

I was ready to purge this sad loser from my memory, when just today I read the speech in which he announced that he would not seek re-election.

In the speech he recounted his past successes and he celebrated being part of the historic passage of Obamacare. These comments were to be expected, although they came across as weak and thin excuses – he is quitting because of the heat he has taken for selling out. Just when he needed to honor his convictions the most he abandoned them. As a result we will all suffer, not only under the diminished healthcare we can anticipate in our future, but also the insult of our tax dollars being allowed to be used for abortions.

What really got my attention though was the following passage – his explanation of the things he was most proud of in his so-called service:

“While legislative accomplishments have been a significant part of my career, perhaps the thing I am most proud of over the past 18 years as your Congressman is helping you, my friends, my neighbors, and my constituents.My staff and I have helped tens of thousands of people resolve problems and cut through red tape. Problems such as helping secure benefits through the Veterans or Social Security Administration, or helping with a tax problem at the IRS, or securing medals for a service member who valiantly served our country. We’ve helped people obtain passports, secure local mail delivery service, and obtain funding to weatherize their homes in order to save money on their monthly bills.”As if he wasn’t pitiful enough based on his sell-out debacle alone, here he confesses his idiotic perspective on what activities define an effective representative.These “accomplishments” are anything but; these are the problem with government today. In what way could helping people “resolve problems and cut through red tape” be considered virtuous? The statement itself is an indictment of a bloated government that has greatly exceeded its constitutional mandate.We need less red tape, not more simpletons who are satisfied with calling “cutting through red tape” an accomplishment. A truly helpful servant would be more effective if he simplified government. Instead Stupak merely acknowledges the complexity and claims victory when a few bewildered citizens are “helped with a tax problem.” How about simplifying taxes rather than congratulating yourself for nonsense?If there is “red tape” that needs to be cut though, it is only because our representatives have allowed and even encouraged the growth of government beyond the bounds set forth in the constitution.Aside from the mention of “securing medals for a service member”, which is in fact noble, and not coincidentally, directly related to one of the few things that government should be doing – that is providing for the defense of the nation – the rest is hogwash.Did he actually proudly claim credit for helping “obtain funding to weatherize?” Amazing! What constitutional basis is there for such a use of taxpayers money? There is none!

Such is the summation of the representative’s nine term, eighteen year tenure in congress. What a failure. What a simplistic and naive view of what it means to be a good public servant. I am afraid though that this type of thinking is characteristic of modern liberal thought.

Unless we are more careful about who we elect we can expect more of the same in the future. What is needed is smaller government, respect for the constitution, a solid grasp of what should be important as a representative, and finally representatives who not only stick by their convictions, but who are not overtly stupid.

Unfortunately, by failing in the last two aspects Bart Stupak has let us all down. We will have to live with the results of his failings. Now he has to live with being a loser, a quitter and a sell-out. I doubt that fond memories of helping people “cut through red tape” will compensate us or him for the pending disaster known as Obamacare that now awaits America.

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Tuning up the Voice

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

There have been no posts here for quite some time – that is going to change. I have been enjoying the good life, fat and happy. Actually less so the former and more so the latter. Fatness is not a problem as I have been running and swimming plenty. Happiness – not a problem either; life is to short to be anything other than that, right?

Forgot to mention complacent. I’ve been somewhat complacent it seems, particularly in the realm of politics. Two Novembers ago I conceded that as a result of the election there would be a new era of government spending and a rise of the liberal agenda. The pendulum swings, so there was not much to do other than ride out the storm, wait for the next swing, and hope that not too much damage would be done.

That was a mistake.

Recent events have clearly indicated that much damage is being done. Much more damage is being planned. The perfect storm of an arrogant president, a renegade liberal congress and a complacent citizenry has taken shape. The first damaging wave of that storm has dumped the horrific healthcare reform bill, Obamacare, on a resistant public. At the time of its passage the majority of Americans opposed the reform in the shape that is had taken. Not that the majority were against reform; the majority opposed the socialist approach that it clearly manifests.

Therein lies the problem. The socialist approach. The loss of liberty. A spend-crazy administration can tax me into poverty; that is a given during a liberal’s reign. Oh, I may murmur and complain, but nothing will come of that. However when that same administration mounts an assault on my liberty I’ll do more than complain – I’ll use my voice.

This citizen will not be dragged towards socialism without a fight. How will I fight, and what are my weapons? My vote and my voice, but primarily my voice. That’s what I have, my voice. That’s what I’ll use.